Stagecraft & SPECTACLE

We believe that Integration of Solar power harvesting solution in to building envelope is far more then facility engineering utilizing PV panels limited by dimensions and pattern. Aesthetics and Individuality – general and essential focus to us designing renewable source in to Architecture. Let the nature penetrate and surround the Architecture. Feelings of the rain, the cozy forest blow by the wind, the breaking dawn of tide on ocean, mountains – all that, surrounded by the history of particular terrain could created Individual, Spectacle and Sustainable Architecture at ones.

Aesthetics &

From the Sagrada Familia to the Sydney Opera House, the world's most recognizable landmarks display the character of the people who created them, but can individuality in architecture stand up to increasing pressure from developers to deliver higher energy efficient sustainable

Aesthetics and Individuality – general and essential focus to us designing renewables in to inevitable part of




The new SOLAR -
Power Harvesting Facade Cladding

ArtLINE Power Harvesting Cladding is a novel high-tech product developed as answer to the architect community integrate solar power generation in to building envelop keep focusing on Architecture and Aesthetics. Combining the latest technologies of a special glass treatment, newest achievements of Photovoltaic industry as unique lamination solution, ArtLINE Power Harvesting Cladding provides multi-functional building material generating clean solar energy as ad-on façade function.

Beauty of COLORS

Create the aim to break conventional boundaries and create original things inspired drove artist and designers to experiment with crazy cool, shape, pattern of the glass combinations. Explore the miracle of color palette and adopt it to he ArtLine power cladding style.


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Individual PATTERN

Reviving a Style from the past, rediscover the cloisonnism, an artist french heritage, famous as post-impressionionst painting style, find-out the beauty of Abstract Illusion painting style and simplicity of the patterns created of painting genius  during early 1960s. Be inspired by surrounded nature, sounds or even lights.
Indvidual Pattens of ArtLine power-tile will would expose character and style of your building.


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Communicate FEELLINGS

Individual ART-Line TM Cladding pattern could communicate, trigger feelings, create stories –  express a personal Architect idea and this extraordinary feature in combination of power harvesting distinguishes ART-Line Power Cladding from a building envelope materials.

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The warm golden sunshine of the Middle East, the blue coast of French Riviera ar cloth decoration art of magnificent geometric patterns - all can be applied in many diversion scenarios to tell story of Yours adding an evocative and aesthetic value to the Architecture. 


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Aesthetics & ENERGY

- In addition to the Aesthetic and Individuality features, ART- Line has a uniquely quantifiable benefit - generation of electricity that powers the building. Generating your own power significantly reduces the energy bills and diminish building maintenance cost. Considering 40-year longevity of Product and constantly rising utility rates, Matinex ART- Line Power Harvesting Cladding becoming cheapest building envelop material that improves even economical investment rations.


Buildings are becoming more intelligent and efficient, adoption of building-scale renewables
is accelerating and new products are demanded to the traditional architecture.


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