50% increase LIFETIME

Longevity and stability of PV module performance are the key attributes of reduced PV electricity cost. Thanks to unique ViaSolis lamination technology Glass-Glass modules are distinguished by significantly increased LIFETIME.


Wider spectrum of light utilisation

Superior power output of ViaSolis module is achieved with specially developed encapsulation material allowing a 20% wider light spectrum utilization – advantage distinguishing ViaSolis module in PV industry.


Higher YIELD

Improved encapsulation transmittance, enhanced light wave absorption, increased heat dissipation, reduced reflection losses – features that increase the YIELD of ViaSolis PV module up to 10%.

Stable yields over the long-term

While the performance of glass-foil modules facing sharp decreases after 20 years at the latest due week stability of encapsulation structure, higher quality Glass-Glass PV modules assures long-lasting performance over 30 years. However, manufacturing of Glass-Glass PV module is quite complicated, demanded for specially intended machinery and knowledge.

Protected by thermo-sealing

ViaSolis modules are 100% protected against moisture negative impact. Thermal edge SEALING applied on all module perimeter eliminates the possibility of humidity influenced semi-conductor corrosion and prevents delamination, which extends the LIFETIME of ViaSolis Glass-Glass modules for over 50 years.



Thanks to ViaSolis unique lamination technology based on long-term experience of Automotive and Glass processing industries, the ViaSolis module ensures excellent power output and stable yields over the 50 years exposed at extreme conditions even.*

*based on market experience and long-term climate chamber tests.


Better heat dissipation

Solar panel temperature effects output of panel significantly, therefore thermal conductivity of encapsulate is a key factor for module performance. The glass is 3 times better thermal conductor than polymer-based back sheet used by conventional modules. Due to this feature performance of Glass-Glass PV module remarkable higher.

Higher solar transmission

Encapsulate used in ViaSolis modules has a 20% higher transmission of light in UVB range, that measurably improves power output of the module due to increased performance at low solar radiation conditions (for example on cloudy days, mornings and evenings).

Viasolis GG 2
Viasolis GG 2

Exclusively superior solution – Glass-Glass module with already
embedded SolarEdge power optimizer

SolarEdge optimisers mitigate all types of modules mismatch-loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading. With SolarEdge, each ViaSolis panel produces the maximum energy without affecting the performance of other panels.

In case of failure, Solar edge optimizers limit the voltage per module to 1V for increased safety of installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters.


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Heavy Loads

ViaSolis modules are manufactured of exact encapsulation materials facing each other. Due to SYMETRICAL DESIGN zero static force effects to the PV cell during impact of wind and snow load. It means that maximum load possibly aplied to the module depends on mounting solution mainly and could reach 10000 snow load and more. *

*depending on the mounting solution.

Fire resistant

Glass unlike plastic is an incombustible material so the Glass-Glass modules are more fire resistant than standart PV modules containing plastic backsheets.



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